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About Ally Law

Ally started out his YouTube career in 2014 when he first uploaded a video of himself doing parkour on top of buildings in the Southampton City Centre. Ally started to receive media attention around December 2015 after he climbed Dumbleton Towers in the Thornhill area of Southampton. Ally has traveled the world to locations such as Dubai, Melbourne, Bangkok and Barcelona to film his videos accumulating over 151 million views. Ally passed the 1 million subscriber count in may 2018, and has seen his channel grow exponentially ever since.

Ally Law
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Ally Law

What we've done

We have helped Ally improve the visual standard of his videos, we've done this with custom outro's and video elements that have been featured in over 50 videos on his youtube channel. Ally started a podcast early in 2019, we have helped Ally by mastering the audio and clipping the video for this podcast to make sure it all looks slick and smooth.