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About Discoboy

Discoboy or as he is formally known Lee Marshall is a character that started receiving attention in early 2015 dressed in only his hot pants, Russian ski hat and sunglasses. Discoboy parades around the UK with a small mobile disco unit on wheels entertaining anyone from supermarket shoppers to fast food customers and even sheep. Lee has had numerous TV appearances and has appeared in mainstream media and newspapers for his antics. Lee has been featured on popular online profiles such as The Lab Bible and Troll Station various times. In 2018 Lee has created many videos with Ally Law in which they take part in overnight challenges at various locations across the United Kingdom.

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What we've done

We have worked with Discoboy to create visual elements to add extra flare to his vidoes on YouTube and Facebook, we've also designed and printed stickers to promote his social media accounts at events. Using footage from event's he's performed at we have also created promotional videos for Lee to show off his DJ skills to organisers and venues.