Lethbridge Owen


Lethbridge Owen are a Folk Tinged Rock band influences formed of Singer/Songwriters Kelly Louise Lethbridge and Jimmy Owen, who write in a traditional style. Reminiscent of artists ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Jimi Hendrix to Heart to Bonnie Raitt, with strong Pop elements, the songs are catchy, carefully crafted and memorable.

Their music is available on all major streaming platforms songs including Rocker ‘Re-Inspire’, punching hook laden ‘Two Steps Forward’, country classic sounding ‘Leaving Home’ and the ethereal ‘Taking Over Me’. With the use of vintage gear for great guitar tone such as the 1970s echo plex and 1960s Marshall plexi sounds, this band create a big feel and ethereal quality. The addition of strong, melodic vocals make this eclectic set of songs something people will be moving and singing along to. Working with great musicians and engineers, their original material provides their audience with a refreshing sense of variety, emotion and great performances and musicianship. Lethbridge Owen are ones to look out for and well worth coming to see.

Work Carried Out

Nullstack have worked extremely hard to re-engineer Lethbridge Owen's site into something that reflects the band and gives them a powerful way to showcase their content. With such features as upcoming gigs. Blog, Gallery and more, Lethbridge Owen have a solid platform to advertise their work and be heard by as many people as possible.