Nikki Smash

Frontman of The Rocket Dolls

Jersey born Nikki Smash picked up his first guitar, aged ten, when he began by emulating his dad. Playing in a band named “Mr. Rusty” Nikki’s dad would play loud Cream and Zeppelin, while Mum would listen to her lighter pop, such as Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Mötley Crüe. Uncle would try to push AC/DC. He played his first red and white Fender till his fingers were raw and blooded and was an Eric Clapton fan till he discovered Nirvana and experienced, like many others, the grunge-revelation.

Work Carried Out

Nikki's always brimming with fresh ideas. He switches on, with a unique sense of context, to new sounds: “That's how I discover my thoughts...” he says. “When I find a new sound I learn all about it... And you know what? I learn about myself too... "