Charity Fundraiser Initiative

Rasdio was born out of two friends and presenters of a weekly radio show in 2012. The idea was to broadcast the show to end all shows and in doing so the annual tradition of Rasdio was born. It is an annual radio show that is preformed by Team Rasdio over the course of 24 hours. People can donate directly to charities we are championing and by doing so change lives for the better. Rasdio has been a big believer in getting help to those who need it whatever it may be. They are big advocates of support of Mental health problems which is one of the largest issues that is often underfunded and ignored, as well as those who cannot call for help and are often abused such as Cats and Dogs. It's vitally important to Rasdio that everything and everyone gets the help they deserve.

The details

Nullstack and Rasdio have worked closely together ensuring that the very technical inner workings of the website, API and Showman platforms are robust for the influx of traffic during the programme.