Rossington Village Life

Community Group

South Yorkshire villages developed, in the main, from the coal industry. Up to the turn of the millennium, nearly everyone’s family in Rossington had a historical connection with mining. The families had come from all parts of the country and from abroad to work in the village’s pit, or in other mines in South Yorkshire. At one time, it could be said that each household had at least one miner, and the work they did provided not only continuing employment and a steady income but also a safe and warm-hearted community. The objective of Rossington Village Life is to promote, improve and enhance facilities and resources for recording the traditions and history of Rossington, together with current events and plans for future growth, and to provide routes for future villagers, and for those interested in the culture of a South Yorkshire village, to use the information appropriately for their needs.

Work Carried Out

Nullstack have developed a clean and easy to navigate website that is both modern and features the countryside aesthetics. The use of sparse colours along with documenting old photography and resources makes up for a fantastic experience allowing those of all ages to understand how their village came to be.