Infant School

Tornedale is a community school maintained by the Local Authority (Doncaster MBC).  At Tornedale, they provide a welcoming, stimulating, caring environment for the parents and the children. We have worked with Tornedale Infant School in Rossington to develop and design a new website that shows off the school in the proper manner. Tornedale's new website is focused on providing information to new starters and breaking down the barriers children sometimes face when going to a new school or moving up a year, we created profiles for each of the teachers on the website allowing the parents to show the children their new teacher and learn a bit more about them dispelling any fear that the child may have.

Work Carried Out

We've worked hard to make Tornedale's online presence what it needs to be and not only compete with other schools in the area but also reflect the quality of Infant School that Tornedale actually is. The team at Nullstack have been extremely hard at work and have revolutionised Tornedale's online presence to awesome effect. Tornedale utilises Cole CMS developed by our team here at Nullstack, using a bespoke CMS on this build has allowed us to integrate many more features seamlessly into the website in a much more secure and user friendly manner. Nathan also works closely with Tornedale as their IT Governor aiding Tornedale with their IT planning and budgets, this has led to Nathan giving guidance on coding lessons within school and plans being made for Nullstack to help the schools children progress their IT skills.