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Shared and Dedicated website hosting packages

Website Hosting

Nullstack offer hosting that is unlike any package deal you have gotten with any previous hosting company.

In most cases we will take care of your site for you as part of your contract offering you complete ownership of your files and database by requesting a copy whenever you need them by simply clicking a button. This is different from most agencies that manually download sites via outdated methods like FTP which often is the cause of incomplete or corrupted backups.

On the topic of FTP, We don't offer it! We have something much better. All our sites run from Git repositories. This means should you want to deploy a change to have everyone see it, The files are altered to the new versions, not replaced. This saves a lot of processing time and because the changes are recorded, not the entire files, You can go back in time and undo something if you need to without trying to look for a backup of the code you want.

We're offering hosting to a closed group right now, So if you're interested, Please do get in touch.